GDP Coaching



The Good Days Program requires that you adapt your food and lifestyle, including your daily meals and lifestyle routine. Unlike with weight control diets, ‘cheating’ is not an option.

This can prove to be challenging for some of us. The purpose of this coaching program is to provide a daily expert support to those of us who need help to succeed in the GDP.

Every day. Every step.

Your coach will provide daily personalized support, tips, shopping list & recipes and will guide you through the program with achievable daily challenges, to help you build your lifestyle protectors routine and embrace the GDP diet.

Upon 30 days of GDP, you will feel whether food makes a difference to your migraines, should you state significant increase in Good Days and significant decrease in symptoms (50% to 90%). In such case, food chemical reintroduction will help you identify your migraine sensitivities. Sensitivities are unique to each of us. There again, the GDP requires discipline as ‘cheating’ can ruin your efforts for a number of days and lead to erroneous conclusions with regards to migraine sensitivities. Your coach will guide you every day at every step of the program.

✔ 7/7 GDP Expert Coaching & Support

✔ 30-Day body clean-up plan

✔ 20+ Food risk factors sensitivity check

✔ Natural protectors build-up plan

✔ Exclusive Buddy chat group

✔ Food analysis

✔ Food journal

✔ Risk factors tracking

✔ Migraine days tracking

✔ 1:1 call with your coach

✔ Shopping lists, Recipes & Tips