GDP 5-day Exposure Test


This test measures your exposure to 20+ food and dehydration risk factors over a period of five days. During these five days, you will share pictures of everything you eat and drink in a private album. You will also keep track of your water intake.

We will analyze each picture and identify the migraine food chemicals contained in the food, that increases the risk of having migraines.

You will then receive your GPD 5-day Exposure Report, that details your exposure to dehydration and 20+ food chemicals, as well as the details for each day.

We encourage you not to change anything to your usual diet during this test, so that it gives you a fair view of your actual exposure.

✔ 5 Day Migraine Food Tracking

✔ 20+ Food chemicals and dehydration exposure analysis

✔ Comprehensive Exposure Report written by your coach upon test completion


Expert Coach Call

Talk 1:1 with an Expert Migraine Buddy Coach to help you start with the app or tailor the app to your specific needs.

Your condition is unique. Our coaches are Super Users of the app and are your best resource for an optimal use of the app, including hints and tips on how to customize the app so that you make an optimal use of Migraine Buddy.

45 min 1:1 Expert Coach Call

Migraine Buddy Expert coaching

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