Sun 10 March 2019
Hi everyone. The elimination diet is one of the best things I have done for my health. I have a list of my triggers. I have been migraine free for 145 days. Long may this last. Enjoy your weekend all.
— Ailsa M.

I have suffered from headaches for as long as I can remember. My headaches started turning to migraines as a teenager, and those migraines turned chronic in my mid-twenties (now thirty). I knew that food played a role in how we feel, that seems obvious, but what I was shocked to learn were all the “healthy” foods that can contribute to my migraine pain. Chris & Isa have taught me so much about food, cooking, and how to better control this awful disease.

I cannot say enough about how supportive, encouraging, and educational my experience has been through this program (Chris & Isa)! I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who is suffering from chronic migraine and anyone struggling to define their food sensitivities.

Before this food coaching program I had tried elimination diets (Whole30) and found that food played a huge role in how I felt, and drastically changed my eating habits, but slowly my migraines crept back to the severity they had been before that diet. Upon my initial conversations with Chris & Isa, they helped me understand a very important truth – eating healthy as a person without migraine is completely different than eating healthy as a person with migraine. There are many great diets out there – Whole30, Keto, etc., but those are not specific for people with migraine, and therefore it can still be difficult to nail down your food sensitivities.

I went from being sick 20-25 days of the month, to going TWO weeks without a migraine! I still have many other factors I have to monitor, but this has helped me manage my migraines much more effectively.

Upon starting this program, I was very nervous about the whole process – elimination?? What will I eat? Will I miss my favorites? But I can honestly say they have made each transition very easy and fun! They provide you with recipes the whole time, recipes that many times I am skeptical over, but are always delicious! And going through the elimination taught me that I could feel good again!

If I could provide anyone with some tips for this food coaching program it would be –

  • Go in with an open mind, you may be convinced you hate a food, but try it anyways!

  • Ask questions! Chris & Isa are great at answering all questions. They want to make sure you understand the program and you’re learning.

  • Have a support system. Significant other, sibling, parent, friend. Someone who can help you, or listen to you talk about how hard you’re working

    • On that same note – make sure your family & friends understand the importance of sticking to the diet. No cheat days, or it won’t work!

  • Don’t focus on the foods you can’t eat – work at finding new foods you love! It’s easy to think of all the things you can’t have, but I have discovered so many new foods I love during this process that I hardly think about the foods I ate before!



For me the Food coaching program has been life changing already. My Neurologist considered that I had a lot of migraines before, and now only 2 in the last 15 days!! This is so good for me.

This program has taught me a lot of things. I was not sure if there was any food trigger...

Now my body feels great, not as tired, no stomach issues, the IBS [Irritable Bowel Syndrome] is pretty regulated and I lost a few pounds. In general I feel better, healthier. My mood is improving a lot together with the body feeling better as well. I don’t feel kind of sluggish, lazy, anymore but much better and in better mood.



5 stars! At last a food tracking working for me!!! Before food tracking with Christophe and Isabelle…  I usually stopped after 3 days of inputing foods in apps, and had 0 clue about risk factors hidden in so many ingredients! 
Suddenly I could see what was potentially wrong in my food, simply with the learning from the first 2 weeks I could find the energy to adjust my food, and not only do I feel better, have less attacks, but I also lost 6 pounds… (Disclaimer, I also did the coaching afterward. But that's because I needed help to know where to start. Already the risk factor identification can be sufficient for many)

— FrancOis C.

I have had headaches all my life, but I started getting migraines at about age 11. Over the years I have taken a lot of meds – I would say about a dozen, and missed out on a lot of social outings. Sometimes a bit slow at work, try and get most work done before I get a migraine. Try not to stress too much, as I find that can give me a migraine too.
In August alone I was having at least 2 migraines a week sometimes more. Now I can go a week with none. As long as I don't eat or drink the wrong thing. I feel a lot more relaxed now. It helps that you can ask question and Isa & Chris are so quick to answer. I have learnt that my migraines are / can be food related. Seem to be triggered by sugar so far. Sometimes also triggered by the weather.
The general outcome of the program for me is that I have to watch what I eat or drink and not let my migraines control me.


Sat 26 Jan 2019

It’s thanks to the guy at Migraine Buddy, that I know what my food triggers are. I am now 103 days migraine free. Thanks again guys

- Ailsa M.


When I first started the elimination diet, I thought that I was eating pretty good! Not that I couldn't eat healthier, but chose convenient packaged foods, for on the run eating. Little did I know what big changes would occur!

I had, in the past tried to keep a food diary, to try to pinpoint what might be a potential food trigger for me. I didn't have much luck on my own., as it seemed that I was always having what my Drs. called mini migraines, along with full blown migraines and tension headaches.

After communicating with Chris and Isa, we decided that I should try to eliminate sugar. It was not easy, but definitely worth it in the long run! I do still have occasional cravings for sugary food's, but, if I do indulge, I definitely can feel the difference.

I used to wake up almost every day with a migraine, or within 3-4 hours I would have one. Now,  I can say that as of today, I haven't had a migraine in 18 days!  I am feeling better than I have in a long time, I now choose to not eat things that may cause a migraine, rather than just keep up the cycle of pain. My new saying is "I can eat that, but I'm choosing not to!"

Without the guidance and support of Chris and Isa, I don't think I would have been able to make it this far! I have learned a lot about  potential risk factors and hidden triggers in foods. I hope anyone who has migraines gives this elimination diet a try! It has made a significant change in my life and is worth the effort! THANK YOU!!



Christophe and Isabelle made a significant difference in my life. Since I have sign up (3 months today), I’ve seen a 75% decrease in my migraine crisis. I know the rest of my migraine are hormonal so they cannot do anything about it. Anyway, I discover that I had many food related triggers, that I could never have discover without them. 
When it comes to food coaching, there are loads of them, but no one as this one, 100% focus on your migraine.
It isn’t just a program where you sign-up and receive some random recipes to help you change your food habits. The main benefits came from the first week when you will change nothing and they will analyse everything you eat (your only job is to send them pictures of your plate - nothing more than what people do on Instagram) and along the way, you receive individual feedback every single day and you get to interact with Christophe and Isabelle as often as you need it.

I can’t speak highly enough of this coaching and I would recommend it to everybody who suffers from migraine. 

Thanks again Christophe & Isabelle, you change my life in a significant way.